Artist Empowerment. Collector Stewardship. Community Building.

Obscura is a growing and vibrant community of artists, collectors, curators, and builders, brought together with a mission to produce NFT native photography. We envision the blockchain as the first place for photographic images to commence their cultural circulation. Through thoughtful curation, we enable collectors to support and assemble new work from a diverse group of artists around the world.

Our organization empowers emerging and established photographers by bringing their projects to life. We are an organization run by artists for artists. While commissioning world renowned photographers in projects with full creative autonomy, we redistribute a sizable portion of funds through grants, exhibitions, and more opportunities with input from our burgeoning community.

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Alejandro Cartagena

Alejandro Cartagena is an artist, photographer and photo book publisher. His work is collected by major museums including the SFMoMA, J. Paul Getty Museum, the MFAH. He is interested in the cultural meaning of photographs. Collector of NFTs. Founding artist of theRAWdao.

Cooper Ray

Cooper Ray is a photographer and avid cyclist from New York City. He is firm believer of web3 and our decentralized future. As an early adopter of artist smart contracts via for his work, Cooper is an evangelist of creator sovereignty and artist education. Founding artist of the theRAWdao.

Tony Herrera

Immigrant activist turned entrepreneur in the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFT space. Founding member of Ether Cards, a dynamic NFT and monetization platform. Founding member of several DAOs dedicated to the Metaverse space including Meebits DAO, Neon DAO and Ready Player DAO.

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