Foundry / Season ONE

In Translation

Claudia Pawlak

“In Translation” is a collaboration between artist and machine; A bringing-together of the past and future of photography and artistic practice. Drawing inspiration from the cyanotype work of Anna Atkins as well as artist Claire Silver, a machine-learning algorithm was trained to create a unique set of otherworldly botanicals, which were then printed as cyanotypes. The nature of the cyanotype as a direct imposition of object-to-paper, facilitated by sunlight, leads one to assume the existence of the object being recorded. Through digital intervention, the object is instead replaced with a facsimile - one which suggests existence, though it exists only in the print. Through minting the works as NFTs, the process comes full-circle: Bringing that which was originally created in the digital world, back into it. Through an intersection of art, technology, and the historic photography process, these images provoke the viewer to question the authority of the image-document.

Currently Minting

Claudia Pawlak

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