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The Royal Pinedo

Cristina De Middel

In the tropical region of Los Yungas, in Bolivia, lives an African king surrounded by coca plantations. His name is Julio Pinedo and he is the great grandson of Uchicho the king of the Kikongo tribe who arrived from Congo as a slave in 1820. Julio Pinedo never wanted to be the king of Afro-Bolivians. He is a simple man who likes spending the day between his coca field and the small store he owns with his wife, Queen Angelica Larrea. However, his kingdom and community demand leadership to navigate the contemporary challenges of being a minority in a country like Bolivia, where African heritage was almost erased for decades. A new generation of Afro-Bolivians, including his heir prince Rolando Julio Pinedo Larrea, is ready to take the role and re-connect both his community and his family to his glorious past.

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Cristina De Middel

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