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The Village

Deanna Templeton

This project started in 2002. A year after my mother passed away, a few years after my father passed. What I remember was one day I was thinking about my parents and feeling a little bit lonely, a little empty and decided to go for a drive. So I decided to drive out to my grandmother's house in San Pedro, which is about a 45 minute drive from where I live. I just wanted to reminisce, to re-explore the surroundings where I would go when I was a child. The liquor store I would walk to to get a Lipton Ice Tea and a bag of Frito’s, to the bakery where I swore all the cookies didn’t have sugar in them and then I drove over to Ports O’Call Village. As soon as I started to walk around I came across a stage with some Mariachis playing and it just hit me, I felt like I was home, I was with family. Over the next 5 years, whenever I could, I started going out there on the weekends. Getting reacquainted with the village and the locals. To shoot everything I wanted to remember.

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Deanna Templeton

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