Curated / Season ONE

Aeroglyph Variations

Reuben Wu

Aeroglyph Variations is a collection evolved from my Aeroglyphs body of work, created exclusively for Obscura Curated. Aeroglyphs explores my method of intervention in landscape photography. By using light carrying drones and long exposure, I’m able to play a larger role in artistic expression all without leaving a trace on the scene. This series was captured over the course of 20 hours in New Mexico, USA on Dec 12-13 2021. It shows the iterative processes and decisions I typically encounter during the creation of a final image, presented as a collection of 55 images. Compositionally, every image is the same, yet in attributes, every image is different. Time of day, light formations (glyphs) and other traits vary within the series to result in a spectrum of unique possibilities. Taking inspiration from generative art and groundbreaking photo projects such as Carpoolers (Alejandro Cartagena), this project examines the notion of the photographer as algorithm; the code that creates and which ultimately derives from our unique programming of life experiences

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Reuben Wu

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