Curated / Season TWO

The Collector Appreciation Collection


To welcome Season 2 of Obscura, we've created an appreciation collection for our new Season 2 Patron Pass collectors. TAC is a bonus "Thank You" to our collectors, and free mint in addition to the 8 commissioned projects included with our Patron Pass.

This collection features photographs from a variety of participating artists from Obscura Season 1 Projects and commissions.

Artists included in TAC Agustin Antonio Barrutia Alec Soth Alejandro Cartagena Alicetheflower Amy Woodward Anthony Kurtz Ariadna Romo Brett Cody Rogers Claudia Pawlak Cooper Ray Cristina de Middel Eman Ali Felix Denomme Fernando Gallegos Gregory Eddi Jones Hannah Whitaker IGAL Jorge Panchoaga Josip Artuković Len Chai Lily Hatten Luciana Demichelis Mia Forrest Mickey Smith Niall O'Brien Oliver Dahl Pablo Chaco Priscillia Grubo Ray Vazquez Reuben Wu Taimaz Ashtari Todd Hido Wim Van Cappellen

To mint The Appreciation Collection (TAC), you must hold an Obscura Patron Pass. TAC is on the Obscura Curated smart contract. _

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