Community Projects

Obscuras' original conception was to build a community to share ideas of the photographic medium. From that intention, various projects have grown into grants, commissions, and community led + community curated projects through open submission. Community Projects and opportunities will continue to evolve with our community.

WHO WE ARE Prepetual

An ongoing portrait of participants in the web3 space.. a continuation of the WHO WE ARE 200. Our intention was always to create a perpetual collection of photographs to let the project follow the life of the web3 ecosystem itself.

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Carousel Curated

Carousel Curated aims to become the world’s largest archive of found slide film. This ongoing catalog documents the pre-internet photographed human experience. Before the digital age, color positive slide film was used by professional and amateur photographers alike to display their work in slideshows. These images have been recovered through a global effort to archive photographs that would otherwise have been lost to dust and age in attics, antique shops, and flea markets.

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WHO WE ARE is the first grant given by Obscura via PaisanoDAO, distributing $100,000 to 100 photographers across the globe. The aim of WHO WE ARE is to document humans who are participating, building, and creating in Web3 and the NFT space in 2021, the year NFTs took the world by storm. The project has encompassed 33 countries and over 175 people so far, and will be ongoing, continuing perpetually with Obscura as it grows over time. WHO WE ARE 200 is the first chapter, capped at 200 photos.

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138 world-class, established and emerging photographers from all 5 continents, including various Magnum photographers, brought together by Obscura DAO to take the 1st global visual timestamp of the 21st century.

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